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Welcome to Wappel Grain & Herb

Wappel Grain & Herb is a forward thinking family farm situated in the diverse soils of Northwest Indiana. Our land base is defined by family owned property and rented farmland. Specialized farmland rental agreements are employed to fit individual landowner’s needs. Staying on the technological cutting edge, varying profit opportunities and good old fashioned hard work empower us to be a prominent farm for many years.

What We Do Best


Mint is distilled on the farm for the essential oil on the leaves.

You can find our peppermint flavor most notably in Colgate Toothpaste, and Wrigley’s Gum.

Spearmint has a smoother flavor than peppermint and has a more specialized market.

Wrigley’s original spearmint gum has a similar flavor to the native spearmint we grow.


Liberty Link and Round-Up Ready soybeans are planted in order to avoid weed resistance.

The vast majority of our soybeans are used to produce bio-diesel.

A small amount is crushed for soy oil and soy meal.


Most of our field corn is used to produce ethanol. 

The corn is trucked up to an hour and a half away to capture the best price. 

Storage is the most important part of our corn marketing plan. 

Every input applied to our corn fields is varied on an acre by acre basis, including all fertilizer, seeding, lime, and pesticides. This practice is called prescription farming.



Larry Wappel, Wappel Farms: Mint in the Air
by: Indiana Humanities

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