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Conservation Philosophy

Conservation comes naturally for the Wappel Family.   We are working and living on the ecosystem that fed the generations before us and will feed generations to follow.  Doesn’t it just make sense to protect the environment?

Without strong fertile soil food cannot be produced efficiently enough to feed the world.  The frontline of soil conservation is erosion control.  Wappel Grain & Herb employs the use of cover crops, compost spreading and strategic tillage to protect the soil against wind and water erosion.  Soil toxicity is another concern to be dealt with.  All fertilizer and chemical application on the farm is done completely by us in order to ensure that all USDA labels are strictly obeyed and products are applied properly.  We never over apply because of extensive soil sampling and prescription farming techniques.  Every season, numerous fertilizer and pesticide trials are conducted on the farm in order to find ways to use fewer inputs and obtain better yields.  It is our goal to protect the soil that god has blessed us with and work diligently to improve our ability to do so.

Wildlife is a big part of all or our lives.  Some of the Wappels like to hunt, some like to trap, others just like to take pictures, but we all agree that wild animal populations must be respected and conserved.  The copious amounts of wild creatures that roam the land are beautiful, majestic, and tasty.  We understand there is a delicate balance in the ecosystem that surrounds us, which is why we know we must hunt and trap as god intended to avoid over population.  But, with hunting and trapping comes great responsibility to follow state mandated limits, avoid waste, and take animals in a humane way. 

Water and woodland conservation is put into practice with care at Wappel Grain & Herb.  The drainage systems of Northwest Indiana are very complex and major maintenance is necessary.  We ensure that streams, ponds and rivers remain functional by controlling brush and regular dredgingPesticide and fertilizer application is done with diligence to guarantee that nothing harmful enters the waterways.  On some occasions small woodland areas are removed by our land improvement operation, but most of the wood is recycled.  Large amounts of neighbors benefit from the free firewood we provide in the winter.  Other woodlands are preserved on the farm by the implementation of fire lanes and selective lumber cuttings.  Generations have used the woodlands for hunting, hiking, and lumber.  The waterways have been used for fishing, boating, and swimming.  We think it is very important to protect these ecosystems for the present and future.

Please visit the methods page of the conservation menu to see examples and pictures of conservation in practice at Wappel Grain & Herb.


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