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Conservation Methods
  • Cover Crops (benefits)
    • Prevent soil erosion
    • Scavenge free nutrients
    • Break up compaction
    • Conserve moisture
    • Reduce pest populations
  • Compost Spreading (benefits)
    • Prevent soil erosion
    • Add fertility to the soil
    • Conserve moisture
    • Reduce waste
  • Fuel Conservation
    • Most of our diesel engines are Tier 3 or Tier 4a compliant
    • Advanced farming techniques
    • Field cruise control in most tractors (automatically uses minimum required horsepower)
    • Minimum tillage whenever possible
    • Efficient natural gas fired boilers in the Mint Distillery
    • Wood heat in some farm buildings
  • Recycling Program
    • All chemical containers are triple rinsed and recycled along with the packaging
  • Timber Management
  • Skilled and Responsible Hunting/Trapping
  • Chemical Resistance Avoidance
    • Rotate between Round Up Ready and Liberty Link Crops
    • Use pre-emerge herbicides
    • Rotate modes of action
    • Strict refuge compliance

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Spreading Mint Plummage for Compost John Deere 8360R Tier 4a Emissions Compliant Tractor Gathering Corn Stover for Compost Gathering Corn Stover for Compost
Avanced Fertilizer Spreader attached to a Tier 3 Emissions Compliant Tractor  Parked in a Winter Wheat Cover Crop      

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