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Meet the Wappel Family

Larry Jr, Eric, Larry Sr, and Debbie Wappel 2009
Larry Jr, Eric, Larry Sr, and
Debbie Wappel 2009

Larry Wappel Sr and Debbie Shannon met in 1979 through a blind date set up by a mutual friend.  It was almost love at first sight for Debbie since it was her wish to marry a left-handed curly haired Christian farmer, a description Larry fit perfectly.  They were married in 1981 and by 1985 they had produced two future farmers, Larry Jr and Eric.

Both sons loved the outdoors and field work from the time they were old enough to go for their first tractor ride at about six months old.  After spending many summers weeding mint fields and doing other field work after school and on the weekends they both attended Purdue University and received associate’s degrees.  Larry Jr earned his degree in Ag Systems Management and Eric in Ag Economics.

Both continued on to achieve additional college credits until they decided to move back and work on the farm full time.  They had continued to work weekends and summers during their college years.

Larry Sr. was a 1973 graduate of the Purdue Agriculture short course which was very popular at that time.  Debbie earned a bachelors and master’s degree in elementary education from Purdue.  She went on to get a certification in Supervision and Administration at Indiana University Northwest.

Our family continues in professional development by attending seminars, conferences, and training courses.  All are integral active members of our farm family team.

The family was blessed in 2010 when Eric married his wife Laura who is a 2008 graduate of Purdue University.  Eric and Laura are the proud parents of two daughters, Reagan who was born in May of 2011, and Paige who was born in September of 2012.

Eric & Laura's Family 2012
Eric & Laura's Family 2012

Larry Jr and Katrina Wappel September 2011
Larry Jr and Katrina Wappel September 2011

Elin Wappel - 4 Months Old
Elin Wappel - 4 Months Old

In 2011 Larry Jr married his wife Katrina and we gained another granddaughter and step daughter, Kaydence.  In November of 2012 the family expanded again with the birth Larry Jr and Katrina’s daughter Elin.

Each family member has found their niche in specialized areas on the farm.  Larry Sr is the President and marketing expert.  Larry Jr specializes in the area of chemical research, purchasing, and application as well as the soybean end of the business.  Eric’s specialty is in seed purchasing, irrigation management, and advanced farming.  They are all involved in the mint operation.  Larry Jr and Eric are both involved in extensive marketing training. 

All other responsibilities and decisions are shared and the RACY method is utilized in the overall management of the operation.  Debbie’s strength is in human resources.  Laura and Katrina are happily fulfilling their very important roles as moms and supportive wives.

Eric once described Larry Sr as relentless in his goals and work ethics in farming.  He remains so at age 59 with as much energy and zeal as ever.  Both sons share his same love and enthusiasm for farming.  For recreation, Larry Sr hunts deer somewhat and he and Debbie enjoy vacations twice a year.  Eric is an avid hunter of deer and water fowl and is also a volunteer fireman.  Larry Jr. enjoys road trips, gardening, and movies.

The Wappels feel there is a higher calling in life beyond the farm.  We seek to serve our Lord and Savior and live our lives according to the morals, ethics, and call to help others as set forth by the Holy Scriptures.  We are involved in our local churches and charitable organizations.

Larry Sr, Debbie, Katrina, Larry Jr, Kaydence, Laura and Eric Wappel September 2011
Larry Sr, Debbie, Katrina, Larry Jr, Kaydence, Laura and Eric Wappel September 2011


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